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WS for 6 years, and the End

November 6, 2014 in News by Mycstea

It’s been a long time since I last wrote, and I figured I will put the last post to this blog before it’s taken down for good. It’s been a long time coming, and I would have never guessed this page would have lasted this long, nor gone this far.


 We did our best, and I will remember this forever.

On the 22nd of November 2008, I had my very first game of WS. My opponent was Kaede from Malayisa, and we played with half-understood rules of WS. No one taught us how to play, and we just blindly charged our way through our first game. As a card gamer who enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh before Weiss, that game was what motivated me to begin writing about WS.

With my graphical background, I decided to create the first ever translated WS quick guide. It was through this file, that was first posted December 18th 2008 on the original NK-DS.org that it all began.

Soon, this file started a string of translations, and on early March, this webpage began as a simple wordpress page, and in just a few short days, it was born and unleashed to the world!

Very soon, this page brought up an entire community in Singapore, and even allowed me to be a co-owner of The Card Geeks with a few of my friends. Soon after, we began to really work hand-in-hand with Bushiroad directly, and became one of the very first sanctioned card shops of the English world. It also allowed us to have our very first commercial presence at Anime Festival Asia 2009.

Of course, those were the budding years of my university, and as the years go by, the homework got tougher, and we began to fall short of time to continue translating every booster. We stopped translations of sets around the late 2010 period during the Neon Genesis Evangelion boosters, and had an extended break. There were almost no posts from the year 2010 end through the entire year of 2011. We were deemed inactive, and almost dead. It was technically true, since I was the only surviving writer at that point of time.

Late 2011, we decided that it was a waste to allow the site to be wasted. At the start of the year 2012, I decided to round up a new group of like-minded friends to revamp the website. We made an entirely brand new website that tried to be low-maintenance, but yet had a slightly “cool” feel. Instead of translations, we wanted to touch on the gameplay side more, since no one has really done any writing about said topic. We would review sets instead of writing full translations of them, discuss about strong or viable combos, and also tried to understand why certain cards were made the way they are.

Honestly, we had a lot of fun doing it. But fun times never lasts forever.

Last year, as I graduated and got my first job in a very prestigious company, it became apparent to me that it would be difficult to continue blogging about WS due to the nature of my work. Honestly, I had thought of just letting someone else take over, but no one stepped forward to helm the responsibility. It’s hard work, and everyone knows that.

And thus, we are permanently shutting down WS@nk-ds.org.

My journey here was not a solo journey. Here, I would like to thank a few people specifically for their hard work.

- Kaede: For starting WS with me.
- Xak: For sticking through WS@nk-ds during its slump years
- ekuseru: For creating this wonderful page
- Chitosev: For writing articles of all the sets you like and providing useful insights when I couldn’t see them
- Zen: For your quirky titles and decks
- eugenics: For being there when it all began
- Akaiwolf: For your great help in hosting and allowing this page to even exist
- bjorn: For being a friend
- All other guest writers, because you’re worth it!

With that, let me end off this post with a last piece of advice.

At the beginning, everyone is a 0/0 3000. You will go through difficulties, get support, to survive level 0, and when you grow stronger, you reach level 1. Be it an ordinary 5500, or an exceptional 8000 power character, sooner or later, you will meet a slump in your life. People will always hinder you with anti-heal or retrieves, but tank through level 2 and you will soon see the end of your fight. Hang in there by healing yourself continuously, and when the time is right, push to the end of your trial with a level 3 finisher.

Even if your hard work doesn’t pay off, it doesn’t matter, as long as your love is by your side.

WS is life itself.

Thank you for reading WS@nk-ds. We, or at least I, hope that you have enjoyed our short time on the internet these past few years. This webpage will cease to exist on November 26th 2014.

Goodbye, and stay sharp!

P.S. If you ever see me in real life, ask me for a game! I still play WS >.<

Series Review – Love Live!

July 26, 2013 in Series Reviews by Chitosev

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by Mycstea

Monthly Tips 1: Bad Reaction to Simochi

May 30, 2013 in Monthly Column by Mycstea

Hi everyone! I’ve decided that Weekly Tips will be promoted to Monthly Tips from thus on. Partly due to the fact that I’m running out of things to write XD.

Also, to those familiar with the title, please do not be alarmed, this is not an article about a Yu-Gi-Oh! card.

bad reaction


Today, the article will be about the reaction of your opponent’s actions and how to anticipate them. Here we go!

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by Mycstea

SERIES REVIEW: Little Busters! Anime Booster

May 27, 2013 in Series Reviews by Mycstea

Hi guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve contributed to the blog. Needless to say, school was busy. However, I’m back and I’ll be kicking right off the bat (pun intended) by writing about the booster series of Music anime Little Busters!.


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by Zen

Series review – Psycho Pass

May 23, 2013 in Reviews, Series Reviews by Zen

Hi there, this is Zen. Just over the weekend was the release of the Psycho Pass extra pack. Right here in WS@NKDS, I will be bringing you all the crime busting, Hue clouding actions that this series can do. Click on and follow me as I unveil the darkest secrets of the famed “Sibyl System”.



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W. Trial Deck Review: Love Live! & Vividred Operation

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lovelive_grp58 grp03

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Theorycrafting with Miku

April 3, 2013 in Series Reviews by Ekuseru

At Bushiroad’s Sadistic.Card∞Factory, producers finally got around to tweaking climax combos. With the Vocaloids’ smiles, they are confident that you will turn out your wallet and watch as its contents fade into the night sky like a Fire◎Flower. Jump off the executioner’s platform to sing and dance in tune with the review!

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by bj0rN

Series Review: Sword Art Online

February 26, 2013 in Reviews, Series Reviews by bj0rN


The highly anticipated booster release of the popular series Sword Art Online is finally here! Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinion on the cards released in this set.

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by Zen

Series review – Persona 4 Ultimate

February 20, 2013 in News, Series Reviews by Zen

Howdy, people! Zen here.
Before anything, I wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year!

Rights, back to point, Persona 4 Ultimate extra booster was just released over the weekend. Here in WS@NKDS, I will be bringing you the close quarter actions, from uppercuts to low trips, from Myriad Truths to Labyrinthos Gate, and all that is happening here in the Mayonaka Arena.


Just as Rise said “Let’s settle those little grudges once and for all! heart.jpeg”, experience it all, with just a click of a button.

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