Amakase Miharu x Nemu Combo

May 31, 2009 in Singles Review by Mycstea


DC/W01-053 R Amakase Miharu and Nemu Combo

Amakase Miharu and Nemu Combo Card Checklist

Recommended cards when using this combo. Bold cards are core cards that this combo utilises

Level 0:
DC/W01-053 R Amakase Miharu (天枷 美春)[amakase miharu]
DC/W01-064 C Yukata no Nemu (浴衣の音夢)[yukata no nemu]

Level 1:
DC/W01-E11 R Swimsuit Nemu (水着の音夢)[mizugi no nemu]
DC/W01-052 RR Lunchbox Holding Nemu and Yume (お手製弁当持つ音夢と由夢)[otesei bentou wo motsu nemu to yume]

Level 2:
DC/W01-060 U Miharu & Nemu (美春&音夢)[miharu ando nemu]

Level 3 (Optional):
DC/W01-056 R/RRR Asakura Nemu (朝倉 音夢)[asakura nemu]


WS@NK-DS’s first ever combo review. Thus said, we should begin from the very roots of WS, that is the first booster series. Hailed as the strongest Support Character card in DC, this card combo is indeed one of the most broken card synergy combos within WS itself.


This combo anchors upon a very simple support Character card and that card is Amakase Miharu. That card bestows upon all Character cards with [Nemu] in it’s name with 500 Power and provides another 500 Power boost for Character cards in front of it. Amazingly, some of the highest Power or versatile DC Character cards all include Nemu within their name, ranging from Lv0 all the way to Lv3!

The rest of the cards mentioned are Character cards with Nemu in their names. This combo is especially brutal when you have the same Miharu card in both Backroll Slots. Should the middle Character card in front of it be a Character card with [Nemu] in it’s name, the support both Miharu will provide is an amazing 2000 Power boost.

So how will this stack up to other combos? First of all Yukata Nemu is a 0/0 3000 Power Character card. With 2 Miharu on the Stage, the middle slot will gain an amazing 2000 Power, making it a 5000 Power Lv 0 Character, 4500 Power if it’s on the sides. Broken if you ask me.

Next up is Lunchbox Holding Nemu and Yume. This Character card is a very high utility Character card. In Level 1 yet  having problems with Lv 2 Character cards? This card will solve your problems. It is relatively cheap at 1/0 as well. Also, having Nemu in it’s name will provide it with the Miharu boost yet again, allowing it to become 7000 Power in the middle slot or 6500 Power in the side slots.

Swimsuit Nemu is an opponent’s nightmare. Being a plain 1/1 5500 Power Character card, it bolsters a terrifying ability to your enemy. Encore [Put 1 Character card from your hand to your Waiting Room]. This is expecially terrifying when it gains the Miharu powerup.

Miharu & Nemu is the final card that most MiharuxNemu users will use. It’s stats of 2/2 9000 Power is a huge beatdown power already. With 2 Souls, it will deal serious damage during the last turns few turns if not disposed off quickly. Having Miharu in it’s name opens itself up for another possible 2000 Power boost. Scary.

Finally the Level 3 Asakura Nemu boasts a 3/2 8500 Power. With a Power level lower then the Level 2 Miharu & Nemu, most players will not use this card as it simply does not have the Power the later has.

Another plus point is that these Character cards are all Red cards! That makes supporting them with Character card recovery easy as well as a huge variety of combos which all belong to Red. This entire combo structure is also Idiot-Proof, making it one of the strongest yet easiest to pull off combos.

The only possible downside is that it’s only truely maxed-out when there are 2 Miharus on the Stage and that it only does additional support to Nemu Character cards.

Extremely HUGE beatsticks for their Levels, the Miharu combo is a force to be recon’ed with as they’re easy to use, flexible, enduring and easy to use. Probably the most cookie cutter combo in WS tourney history.