MY Event News:1st Gathering on 7th June!!!

May 7, 2009 in Malaysia Events, News by Kaede86

UPDATE(180509):changes of price and venue.

YES!! finally!! The first gathering for Malaysian supporter is here!!.Event will be held in ToyBox @ Paramount Garden.

Please note:

WS@NK-DS reserve the right to change prices and/or withdraw any products at any time without prior notice. WS@NK-DS also reserve the right to change tourney prizes and/or withdraw any prizes at any time without prior notice.

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Event site details and prices below.

Event site details:

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we’re changing our venue to ToyBox @ Paramount garden…(i’ll explain why theres increasement of price for booster/deck when we’re @ the venue)

Timing: 11AM onwards…

Be flexible,you can just come early and eat when ever you want to,there are some chinese restaurant,KFC nearby…Best suggested eat before you come  . A mini Trial Deck Tourney will be held in the event of enough turn up (16 max players).

From 11AM to 1PM , Demo games, effects translations and rulings will be gone through for clarification. Do print your own translation list. WS@NK-DS will only produce one set of translations at the site for reference purposes.

WS@NK-DS will also be selling/trading PR cards, commons and uncommon extras from their own stash.

Price list below, while stocks lasts:

NS/W04 – MSL Nanoha StrikerS (W) Stock: 1 Box (20 Packs) RM16EA


MH/SK/WE03 -Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo/ Mai HiME/ Mai Otome Extra Pack(W) Stock: 1 Boxes (6 Packs) RM26EA


DC/W01 – Da Capo Trial Deck (W) 1 Deck RM80EA
NS/W04 – MSL Nanoha StrikerS Trial Deck (W) 1 Deck RM80EA
LS/W05 – Lucky Star (W) 2 Deck RM80EA
FS/S03 – Fate/stay night (S) 1 Deck RM80EA
SE/S04 – Shining Force: EXA (S) 1 Deck RM80EA

***more to be UPDATED….


  • Basic WS Rules, including deck construct restrictions.
  • No restrictions on deck modification
  • Each player can only use cards from one series. The only exception will be Little Busters! Ecstasy. All cards from LB-W02 is playable with LB-W06 so as to ensure a little more fairness in card swapping advantage for LBEX as the boosters are not released yet. Also, Extra Packs can be mixed into any decks as well.
  • 16 players. each battles a best of 3 Matches in a point system to determine the semi-finalists(swiss format).
  • Semi-finalists(4 players) battle in elimination rounds till finalists emerges.
  • Registration at 12pm onwards
  • Entrance Fee  RM10.

Tourney Prizes (For 16 Player attendencen Min 8 players):

1st Prize:

-2nd Prize:

3rd Prize:


All items sold are authentic and prices kept to the minimum. Minimal profits will be earned from some of the products and majority of profits earned (if any) will go towards the website fund and also so to ensure we dont go in the red. As you can see, the prices have dipped a again. This is due to the lower exchange rate offered to us when we ordered the goods.

With all that stuff updated again, see you there at the event!