[NEWS] New Da Capo Da Capo II Plus Communication WS Set

November 2, 2009 in News by Mycstea


Image ripped from Nico Nico video~

Announced at the Circus 10th Anniversary Festival yesterday, WS D.C. D.C.II Plus Communication! Read more below.

Da Capo has all along been a long standing favourite in the otaku community as well as WS card game.  Below is a short summary of the event:

10 new Da Capo news:

  • Da Capo III in development announcement
  • Da Capo new anime (remake?) in production
  • Da Capo download purchase announcement (online purchase)
  • Da Capo adult manga announcement
  • Da Capo Innocent Finale PC version announcement
  • Da Capo Plus Communication WS 2010 series announcement (Contains cards from To You and Fall in Love)
  • Da Capo Fall in Love goods collaboration (@ispace collaboration: Item codes for special premiums)(WS collaboration: New binder)
  • Da Capo series PSP port
  • Da Capo V official announcement
  • Da Capo ZERO official announcement

Interesting stuff. Look out for a lot more Da Capo next year. For people who wants to watch the actual video below is the link to the nico nico video: