Rumour Mill: Da Capo, Da Capo II Plus Communication Trial Deck

January 10, 2010 in News by Mycstea

EDIT: Updated news thanks to notification by Harrason

Psst, this just in from China’s information web… February (tentatively 27th, rumour says) will be releasing with a new Trial Deck for D.C./D.C.II PC (TY/FL)… and this time there are some radical changes.

  • 5 deck specials instead of 2
  • Multiple copies of certain deck special in the deck (Total of 10 special cards in a deck. Of which 2 are still 1 card each, 3 cards are given a total of 8 cards)
  • 3 signed cards instead of 2
  • 1 signed card in 6 decks instead of 12

And with Trial Deck there of course comes booster boxes… rumour mill also says it might appear in March (if math is good, it means 13th). Look out for any official announcements dudes.