Gameplay Column: Weekly Tips #3 – Bond-age Time!

February 22, 2012 in Gameplay Tips, Weekly Column by Mycstea

Hello all! Okay I did comment that i wouldn’t post this until next week but what the heck =)

In WS, there exist all kinds of ability types. Of the many very varying types, there is one which is called Bond. In earlier WS, Bond is pretty much quite useless. However, over time, Bond has become one of the core abilities in the game.

Get back ALL the character cards!

So why exactly is Bond such an important ability?

Introduction to Bond

Some people question the effectiveness of Bond abilities.

“It’s just a lv0/lv1 small fry that allows me to take back this specific character. So what?”

Well the advantages of Bond abilities are deeper than a lot of people would imagine.

To begin, players should understand that WS is a game that actually revolves around Handsize. Read Weekly Tips #1 to find out more. So how exactly does Bond help in maintaining handsize, and what are examples of good Bond abilities?

Bond to Retrieve a Combo

Firstly, Bond abilities allow you to retrieve a specific character from your Waiting Room into your hand. This effectively grows your handsize, and allows you to maintain a stable attacking field with the least sacrifice to your handsize.

Sometimes good Bond abilities allow you to retrieve important final pieces for specific combos which are core to the deck.

Examples below:


Rewrite – RW/W15-038 U 上目遣いの静流 & RW/W15-040 U ひまわり畑のルチア

This combo allows you to retrieve ひまわり畑のルチア, which is pretty paramount in importance for the deck it is situated for. What’s more, 上目遣いの静流 doesn’t pay Stock for it’s Bond ability.

Macross Frontier  – MF/S13-039 C アイ君 & MF/S13-044 C 超時空シンデレラ ランカ・リー


This Bond allows the player to easily retrieve 超時空シンデレラ ランカ・リー and abusing her Climax ability to search for more <<Music>> or <<Vajra>> trait Character cards (including herself), making a hand creation loop easily.

Idolm@ster 2  – IM/S14-008 U 私服の真美 & IM/S14-030 R/SR 竜宮小町 亜美

This combo allows you to retrieve Mami for her +2 Soul Climax combo, which easily allows for field and hand maintenance without much effort since the CX combo will provide free Encore to all Characters on your Stage during that turn.

Other Bond cards are used for different purposes.

Bond Combos

These types of Bond abilities have an innate combo with their targets. They form interesting combos just by having both cards on the field. Some gives additional abilities while some give Power boosts. They are also the most common Bond abilities out there.

Examples are below:


Fate/stay night  – FS/S08-001 RR 衛宮 士郎& FS/S08-002 RR/RRR 騎士王セイバー

Ahh, the Mother of Knights Saber…. Wait, 騎士王セイバー combo with 衛宮 士郎 is one of the best Bond abilities for their time… pity the power levels are slightly too low for current meta. However, it does have Encore [Discard a Character card] so it does stand for something…


Little Busters! Ecstasy  – LB/W06-082 U “影のない少女”美鳥 & LB/W06-091 C “浮世離れ”美魚

One of the best Bond effects of all time. A free out of game with “影のない少女”美鳥 on the field allows an easy set up for  『星屑』 氷室 as well as easy deck compression as both cards are of 0 Cost to play. Decent power levels  for lv1 as well.

Lucky Star  – LS/W05-008 U クールでカッコいい みなみ  & LS/W05-010 U 名前が呼べたゆたか

Very interesting combo. 名前が呼べたゆたか  gives all cards with Bond abiliy Soul +1, perfect for a standard deck… =D

Toaru Kagaku no Index  – RG/W13-058 U 常盤台のお嬢様 美琴 & RG/W13-056 R 常盤台のお嬢様 黒子

Cheap lv1 boost for Kuroko, and a Misaka on the field to fulfill the condition making it an easy-to-fulfill 7500. Broken when “冥土帰し” was still around.

RG/W13-028 R/SP 佐天のクラスメイト 初春 & RG/W13-032 R 初春のクラスメイト 佐天

Big power house 初春のクラスメイト 佐天 with Encore[Discard a Character card] and 2000 Power should 佐天のクラスメイト 初春 be on the field. Also good for hand maintenance. 佐天のクラスメイト 初春 herself gives all 初春のクラスメイト 佐天 a 1000 Power boost herself, thus easily 10k Power

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s – NA/W12- 030 R/SP “友達”すずか & NA/W12-032 R “友達”アリサ

Massive Power boost. Pretty easy to hit 10500 on defense whilst 12500 Power on offense with 2 “友達”すずか on the Stage, and using “友達”アリサ’s own ability. Pretty easy to break that barrier even further as well.

Bond to Retrieve an Asset

Sometimes, cards can simply be ignored of their battle survivability purely because they are better off re-summoned. They have abilities that automatically triggers when they are put into the Stage. These assets allow you to use the card’s effects again while allowing for the same field presence as the turn before.

Bonding for these useful assets also allow your hand to be filled with them before your end game. This can easily create your perfect hand near end game, with a big pile of said assets to use out every turn.

Examples are:

Angel Beats! – AB/WE10-09 C 鼓動の記憶 音無 & AB/WE10-04 R “神の使い”天使

One of the most infamous cards, “神の使い”天使 can actually be retrieved by Bond for very strong staying power, especially with the <<Death>> trait specific counter Event card 歌いたかった歌. “神の使い”天使 also allow you to check for your next trigger, easily enabling you to plan your next attack efficiently (especially during final few turns).

Kud Wafter  – KW/W11-083 U 猛勉強クド & KW/W11-077 RR/RRR 『星屑』 氷室

The infamous 『星屑』 氷室. Not only does Kud allow for Himuro’s out-of-game requirement, it also can serve as an attacker for that turn. Himuro when re-summoned, can heal again, thus looping the combo.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes  – MK/S11-T01 TD 活発なネロ & MK/S11-T07 TD けなげでひたむき シャロ (Pictured here)

Same as the above example, just that Nero can retrieve Another <<Detective>> trait Character card upon summon…

CLANNAD  – CL/WE07-02 R デートに誘う朋也 & CL/WE07-06 R だんご大好き渚

A very strong combo that not only serves as a decent support, but also to retrieve lv3 だんご大好き渚, while だんご大好き渚 boosts 2 Character cards 1000 Power and 1 Soul. Another added advantage is that Tomoya is retrievable by Kyou lv3’s Climax ability…

Makai Senki Disgaea – DG/S02-032 U 天使見習いフロン & DG/S02-061 U 超魔王ラハール (Also pictured, the English edition)

An ultra strong lv3 that allows you to continuously retrieve more <<Demon>> or <<Angel>> trait character cards from your Waiting Room… Meaning you can loop heals quite well.

Bond to Retrieve Utility Cards

Sometimes Bond abilities retrieve counter cards. These are useful to keep applying counter threat to the opponent, and make them think twice before they commit to attack your powerful characters.


Da Capo II PC  – DC/W09-083 U 超マイペース 萌 & DC/W09-087 DC/W09-087 U 勝気で快活 眞子

Great alarm ability from Mako herself, plus a 3k Counter, And to top it off doesn’t have an additional trigger! What’s more, it’s take 1 damage to retrieve, preventing your Character cards from being stuck in level. Wonderful.


Gekijou Ban Evangelion – EV/S12-053 R 洞木 ヒカリ & EV/S12-067 C 独り占め? アスカ

Hikari with great retrieval and hand maintenance ability. One of the best Bond abilities in the game. 独り占め? アスカ also has her own hand switching ability to help you with that last push if you need it.

IDOLM@STER 2 – IM/S14-033 U チャーミングヴィーナス 亜美 & IM/S14-001 RR ソロデビュー! 真美

Same stats as Mako, but with an additional ability of granting Encore as well. Very good RR. チャーミングヴィーナス 亜美 also allows you to discard any card to gain 2500 Power. This gives you the flexibility to discard a Climax card before Refresh to push for a higher Cancel rate.

Bond… to Bond

Okay the statement doesn’t make sense but it basically means Bonding for the sake of Bond. Why would anyone do that? For example, the next card in your Stock pile is a Climax card and to make deck compression better (and the lack of 1 Cost payment at the moment), you can choose to pay the Cost to retrieve, maybe even nothing.

Alternatively, some Bond abilities have the cost to take 1 card from the top of your Deck and put it to your Clock. This allows you to force-Level Up yourself. This can prevent the opponent from continuously gaining hand/field advantage because you have not level’ed up yet.

Bond to Fill up the Stage

When a player reaches lv1 earlier, it probably means the opponent has a couple of empty slots on the field, provided both players have been relatively conservative with handsize. With Bond, it is easier to flood the field with attackers as it doesn’t affect the handsize of the player as much as it would.

It also allows the player to buff damage as the opponent strikes back.

Relatively… Useless Bond Abilities

Yes there are tons of those out there and they mostly belong to the older sets. Probably not recommended for use, unless you really think it is for your deck…


Thus conclude this article about Bond. There are a ton of different Bonds available out there and I am only touching slightly on the more prominent and stable Bond cards. Hope it’s an interesting read. Until next time, cya all =)