Series Review: Da Capo #06 – Music to my Ears

May 1, 2012 in News by Chitosev

Hi all, this is Chitosev. Starting this week, I would be covering the ‘main’ traits of the Da Capo series, seeing as how the release of Da Capo III draws nearer. Today, we cover 1 of the most popular traits in the whole of WS itself, which have it roots right in the hearts of Da Capo. Read more after the jump!

In this article, I will be sharing about the more popular/ significant cards of the Music trait within the D.C. sets and expansions. Note that whatever covered here is not everything that D.C. can offer for the Music trait.
Intro – The Level 0s.

DC/W01-E07 C 水着の小恋 / Swimsuit Koko
【S】[Put 2 of your characters with the 《Music》 trait to 【Rest】 mode] Choose 1 of your character, during this turn, it gains Power +2000.

This is a card first introduced in the initial D.C. D.C. II Extra Booster, later being reprinted in the D.C. D.C. II P.C. Extra Booster. This is a great tech card for any music-based deck, giving idle backstage supports a use. The 2000 it provide isn’t a small amount, and can be used to overpower any character your opponent have, considering the high base powers of Music characters (generally).

DC/W09-112 PR 気配り上手な奥さん ことり / Caring Wife Kotori
【C】 When you have 3 or less cards in your Stock, this card gains Power +1000.

The only card under the Kotori Love ExP series, but still neo-standard with any Da Capo sets and expansions. This is a great Level 0 beater, even outside of the Music trait. You would usually have 3 or less stock for at least 2 turns, making this card a viable Level 0 beater throughout your Level 0. The power of 3500 is rather decent, and together with various supports of the Music trait, it can easily overpower many other Level 0 beaters, or even attempt to defeat smaller Level 1 characters.
This card is however a Promo card from at least 2 years ago, and can be hard to obtain now.

DC/W09-029 R 縁日でデート 小恋 / Date at the Festival Koko
【C】 If you have 1 or less other Character in your Center Stage, all your other Characters gain Power +1000.

Another good level 0 character for the Music deck. This card can serve as both a support for starting attackers, or even as an attacker itself. As it is better to conserve resources and only have 1-2 Level 0 attackers during your first few turn, this card’s condition would be easily fulfilled, and giving your sole attacker a 1000 boost. Having 2 behind can greatly improved your attacker’s survivability, making the power level unreachable even when your opponent use a Draw-1-2000-1-Soul type of climax, but still vulnerable to the top favourite Self-Destruct abilities, or even the rare Startup ability to send away Level 0s with the cost of 1.

By having 2 copies of this card in the front row, both of its condition can be fulfilled, giving you 2 3500 Level 0 attackers. You can put some simply support characters in the backstage to give them more power boosts, which can allow them to take down most of the Level 0 beaters.

DC/W09-033 U 白河 ことり/ Shirakawa Kotori
【A】 When this card is put onto the stage from your hand, your opponent may reveal his hand. If there is a Climax Card in those cards, put this card to 【Rest】.

A popular level 0 character, even outside of the Da Capo context. For having 4000 power, its side ability can be advantageous to many, when used properly. If your opponent do choose to show his or her hand and there are any climax cards at all, this card would be disabled for 1 turn. It isn’t that much of a side effect, unless you have a rather bad hand for Level 0, and have no other possible attackers. Compared to sending it to the Waiting Room or even back to the deck like many other Level 0 characters with 4000 power, this is but a small cost to pay.

Looking at your opponent’s hand can allow you to better plan your attacks this turn. You can count the number of climax cards your opponent have left in the deck, knowing the number of climaxes in his Hand and Waiting Room, and perhaps his Stock. This would allow you to judge if it is the right time to play a Climax card to push for damage. You can also check your opponent’s hand for counters, which can allow you to know the exact amount to overpower, or to save resources by giving up on overpowering and going for side-attacks.

And even if your opponent chooses not to show you his or her hand, it can tell a lot of things about their current situation. They would either have too many climax cards in hand, or have none at all. There would also be players who just simply refuse to show their hand. You would just have to make them think twice with the 4000 power this card have.

DC/W09-038 C 軽音バンド ななか&小恋 / Light Music Band Nanaka & Koko
【C】 All your other Character Cards with <> trait gain Power +500.

A global support for the Music trait. Serves as the key support for Music-based Da Capo decks. It can be used in Standard Music decks to provide a decent boost through the Levels as well.

Allegro – The Level 1s

DC/W01-033 U みっくん&ともちゃん / Mik-kun & Tomo-chan
【C】 ASSIST: Level 2 or above Character cards in front of this card gains Power +1000.
【S】[Put this card to 【Rest】 mode] During this turn, all your other Character cards with 《Music》 trait gains Power +500.

A decent support for Music-based decks that have more heavy usage on characters of Level 2 or above. It can provide a total of 1500 boost to any Level 2 or above music character in front of this card, making it as effective as a Power +X support (where X equal to Level x500).

DC/W01-034 U スキーウェアのななか / Ski Gear Nanaka
【A】[①] When this card battles with your opponent’s Character and puts it to 【Knockout】 mode, you may pay the cost to activate this ability. Should you do so, search your deck for a Character card with the《Music》Trait, show it to your opponent, then add it to your hand. Shuffle Your Deck afterwards.
【S】[②] During this turn, this card gains Power +5000.

A decent Level 1 Music character that allows players to search up any Music character from their deck with a light cost of 1 Stock whenever they put any character to reverse using this card. This card has a relatively low power of 3000, but with appropriate supports and perhaps a Draw-1-2000-1-Soul climax, they can still attempt to defeat any Level 1 or above character. Players may also use the second ability should they have spare resources, or have a character that they simply have to take down.

DC/WE02-007C 歌姫ななか/ Songstress Nanaka
【A】 When this card attacks, reveal the top card of your deck. Should it be a Character card with the 《Music》 trait, during this turn, this card gains Power +2000. (Return the revealed card to its original position)

A good Level 1 beater for a Music-based deck. Its ability allows it to reach a base power of 7000, rivaling the Level 1 7000 characters, all for the cost of 0. Players who use this card in a pure Music deck would see not much problem triggering the ability, besides the occasional climax or even event cards.

DC/W09-031R 料理中 小恋 / In the middle of Cooking Koko
【A】 When this card attacks, and the Climax card 「Trust in You」is in play, during this turn, all your characters gain Power +X. X is the number of Character Cards other than this card with the trait 《Music》 x500.

A very good card to give your Music characters a little power boost on attack. Its ability allows you to give all characters, including this card and regardless of trait, 500 more power per other Music character you have. It is, of course, most efficient with a full Music trait field, which gives a whooping 2000 boost to all characters when this card attacks. Also, if you happen to have multiple copies of this card when attacking with the climax, the power level may even reach high enough to defeat most Level 2 or even Level 3 characters. Sadly, this IS a climax-synergy ability, and is highly dependent on whether you have the climax card in question. The climax card itself, sadly, isn’t that of a Treasure icon either, so it may be harder to get it during the game for some players.

DC/W09-035U 白河 ななか/ Shirakawa Nanaka
【A】 When you use the BACKUP ability of this card, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a Character Card with 《Music》 Trait, choose 1 of your Character Cards involved in battle, during this turn, it gains Power +1000. (The revealed card is returned to its original position)
【S】【Counter】 BACKUP 1500 Level 1 [① Send this card from your hand into Waiting] (In response to your opponent’s Front Attack, choose one of your Character card in battle. During this turn, that card gains Power +1500.)

A good Level 1 Backup for any Music-based deck. Should you be successful and reveal a Music character upon counter, it becomes a 2500 Backup, which is just slightly more than a normal Level 1 cost 1 Backup, but that 500 tends to throw many people off course. This card, like the other Reveal Music cards, works best in a pure Music deck, preferably void of even Events to ensure a higher success rate.

DC/W09-042C パジャマのことり/ Pajamas Kotori
Text: None

This card is one of the best Level 1 attackers any Music-based D.C. deck can have, being a ever-popular Level 1 Cost 1 7000 attacker spotting the Music trait. With 2 of the global boost for Music, this card can reach a power Level of 8000, which is enough to challenge most Level 1 beaters. However, since it doesn’t spot an alternate Encore ability, one would need to prepare some Counters if they want to see this card live for another turn.

DC/W09-046C 告白!?/ Confession !?
[Counter] Select one of your Character cards with the 《Music》 trait, during this turn, it gains Power +2000.

Not a bad event counter for Music characters, seeing how it can give a 2000 power boost on counter without any cost. However, regular Backup characters would be more easily searchable as compared to using this event, though saving cost for decent power is always welcomed.

DC/WE08-82 PR 悪魔の手のひらの上で/On the Palm of the Devil
Select 1 of your Character cards with the trait 《Music》 or 《Snacks》 and put it into your clock. Should you do so, select a Character card with the trait 《Music》 or 《Snacks》 from your Clock other than that card, and return it to your hand.
Search your deck for up to 1 Cost 0 or less character card with the trait 《Music》 or 《Snacks》, and put it onto your Stage in any border. Then, shuffle your deck.

This cute PR event that came with the D.C. Generation Mix 3 trading cards has quite the peculiar effect. Following closely to the scene depicted in the picture, it switches your cards around a lot. You can use this card to swap away any unwanted Level 0 characters for perhaps your global support, or any Level 1 Cost 0 beaters. And since you do get back 1 hand from this effect, the net hand cost of this card is effectively zero. Though the effect sounds strange, it is worth using.

Accelerando – The Level 2s

DC/W09-026RR ショッピング中のことり/ In the Middle of Shopping Kotori
【A】 When you put this card form your hand onto the Stage, you may select 1 card in your Clock and put it into your hand. Should you do so, choose 1 card in your hand, and put it into your Clock.
【A】 When this card attacks, if the Climax card 「Kotori’s Song」 is in play, during this turn, all your Character cards gain Power +2000.

An interesting Level 2 character. Its first effect allows you to exchange a card from your hand with a card in your clock, allowing you to get back any card you would possibly need that is stuck in your clock. Also, since you’ll place the card back at the top of your Clock, this card is excellent in any deck that plays around some Alarm abilities.
Its 2nd effect gives everyone a 2000 power boost regardless of field condition or trait when it attacks with the specific climax. The climax in question is also that of a Draw-1-2000-1-Soul, which would already mean a 4000 power boost for any 1 character of yours, for no additional stock or hand cost, which easily covers for most regular Counter limits, and even overcome some fearsome 4000+ Event counters.

DC/W09-032R 手を引く ななか / Hand Holding Nanaka
【A】 When this card attacks, and the Climax Card [What it means to Convey] is in play, reveal the top card of your deck. If it is a Character Card with the 《Music》 Trait, choose up to 2 of your opponent’s Character Card, during this turn, those cards gain Power -1500.

A Level 2 character with an unique Climax-synergy effect. There are many conditions you would have to fulfill, like attacking with the specific climax and revealing a Music character on attack, but the effect is rather rewarding. You can easily take down any still-existing Level 0 support your opponent may have, seeing how a lot of them has a base power of 1500 and below. You may also use it to reduce the front row’s character’s power which can throw opponent’s calculation for any possible counter off, which allows you to take down their characters more easily. Sadly, the ability is unable to concentrate the power reduce on 1 single character, which would have easily made this an even better card.

DC/WE08-81 PR サンタのことり/ Santa Kotori
【S】 Until the end of your opponent’s next turn, this card gains Power +1000.

Yet another PR card from the D.C. Generation Mix 3 trading cards. This is a decent Level 2 character for the Music trait in D.C., seeing as how there aren’t really a lot of Level 2 Music characters in D.C. that has high defensive power. With each additional cost you choose to pay, this card can gain power that last until the end of your opponent’s turn, which allows this card to attack with high power and still stand strong on defend next turn. However, paying too much stock may be detrimental to your overall play, so it is wise to choose the correct timing to use this effect.

Al fine – The Level 3s

DC/W01-036U 私服のことり/ Casual Clothes Kotori
【A】 When you play this card onto the stage, look at your opponent’s Hand.
【A】 When this card attacks and the Climax card 「Songstress at the Wedding Ceremony」, put the top card of your deck into your stock, and during this turn, this card gains Power +3000.

The Level 3 Music in the first Da Capo set. Like all initial Level 3 characters, it spots the Bodyguard ability, as well as the standardized climax synergy ability which you will see on all green climax-synergy effects in the earlier sets. Its 2nd ability is the one worth highlighting. It has the unique ability to force your opponent to show what is in their hand cards when you play this card onto the stage (Play = from hand to stage). You may look at your opponent’s hand to check for any counters they may be holding, and the power it can account for, so that you can better plan your attacks, especially with this card, as you can let it survive for 1 turn to let your opponent face the fearsome Bodyguard effect.

DC/W09-027RR 変わらない故郷 小恋/ Never Changing Hometown Koko
【A】 When you have 6 or more cards in your Stock, this card gains 「【A】ENCORE [Put 1 Character from your Hand into your Waiting Room]」.
【A】 When this card is played from your hand onto the stage, or put onto the stage by 「CHANGE」, you may put the top card of your Clock into your Waiting Room.

Music was lucky enough to get a second Level 3 in the following booster. This card is the basis of many D.C. 8-Gate Music Variant that made it to the top few for some tournaments some years back. It has 2 rather simplistic abilities that works much wonders when put together. It is a stable attacker that has decent base power, allows healing of damage, can be advanced summon during Level 2 via Change, and even sustainability via the Drop-Encore ability after you hit the quota of 6 stock. What is not to be loved?

Concertino – Specific Card Combinations

This corner features some of the cards that were made in sets, and in which would work the best if played together.

DC/W01-026RR 晴れ着のななか/ Dolled up Nanaka
【A】 All your other 「Tsukishima Koko」gains Power +1000.
【A】 BOND/「Tsukishima Koko」[①] (When this card comes into play from your hand, pay the cost to activate this ability, then search your Waiting Room for 1「Tsukishima Koko」 Character card and add it to your hand.)

DC/W01-030R 月島 小恋/ Tsukishima Koko
【A】 ENCORE [Place 1 Character card from your hand into Waiting Room] (When this card leaves the Stage and is put to the Waiting Room, you may pay cost to activate this ability. Should you do so, this card is placed in 【Rest】 mode on its previous Border.)

Personal favourite combo from the ancient days of WS. Dolled up Nanaka allows you to retrieve its pump target via Bond, and by putting 2 of it in your backstage, you would gain access to a Level 1 Cost 1 7500 character with the Drop-Encore ability. In modern context, one would not usually attempt to put 2 Dolled Up Nanaka in the backstage, but instead push her to the front stage for possible direct/ side attack chances, while keeping your Backstage free for cards like the Global support or any other more generic support cards.

DC/W09-078 R “3バカ”杉並&義之&渉 / “3 Idiots” Suginami & Yoshiyuki & Wataru
【A】 At start of your Opponent’s attack phase, you can move this card into any Border of Center Stage.
【A】[①] When this card is put to 【Knockout】 mode during a battle, you may pay the Cost to activate this ability. Should you do so, put this card into your Memory.

DC/W09-081 R “雪月花”小恋&杏&茜 / "Setsugekka" Koko & Anzu & Akane
【A】 RECOLLECTIONS: If you have 「"3 idiots" Suginami & Yoshiyuki & Wataru」 in your Memory, this card gains Power +2000.
【A】 ENCORE [Place 1 Character card from your hand into Waiting Room] (When this card leaves the Stage and is put to the Waiting Room, you may pay cost to activate this ability. Should you do so, this card is placed in 【Rest】 mode on its previous Border.)

2 Very power rare cards from the D.C. D.C. II P.C. Booster. The first card is a highly yearned-for Level 0 character for most D.C. decks, especially those who plays with the Recollection mechanic. It is a generic runner that everyone loves to use but hate to fight against. Upon its inevitable defeat during the later levels, you can pay an additional cost of 1 to contribute to the Memory pool.

The second card is an easily achievable Level 1 Cost 1 6500 Drop-Encore beater. However, there are still cases where you would actually be unable to fulfill the seemingly simple condition, just because the 3 Idiots seem to be running away from you also.

DC/W09-083U 超マイペース 萌 / Super My-Pace Moe
【C】 During your opponent’s turn, all your other Character cards with 《Pot》 trait gain Power +500.
【A】 BOND/「Unyielding and Lively Mako」[Put the top card of your deck to your Clock] (When this card comes into play from your hand, you may pay the cost to activate this ability, then search your Waiting Room for 1 「Unyielding and Lively Mako」card and add it to your hand.)

DC/W09-087U 勝気で快活 眞子/ Unyielding and Lively Mako
【C】 ALARM: When this card is in the top of your Clock, all your Character Cards with the ability 「【A】 ENCORE [Place 1 Character card from hand to Waiting Room]」gains Power +1000.
【S】 【Counter】 BACKUP 3000 Level 2 [① Send this card from your hand into Waiting] (In response to your opponent’s Front Attack, choose one of your Character card in battle. During this turn, that card gains Power +3000.)

A set of cards previously mentioned in the Bond Article. The focus of this set would be on Unyielding and Lively Mako, being a multi-purpose Backup that is easily retrievable because of the existence of a Bond character for it. This card’s Alarm ability works well with many D.C. decks, including a deck that mains Level 3 Koko and its Change, as it can gain Drop-Encore, and hence gain power boosts from this Alarm.

Overall Review:
Music is one of the more established traits in the D.C. sets and expansions. It has shown real results from tournaments, though it’s a bit outdated…
Nevertheless, it can still put up a good fight with many of the current series, as it spots considerable power and even early healing capabilities. Splashing red to access Comeback triggers is a popular and rather stable build for D.C. Neo-Standard Music. If anyone is interested in how D.C. actually made it to the top last time, this is one trait you should at least try.