W. Trial Deck Review: Love Live! & Vividred Operation

April 13, 2013 in News by Chitosev

Hi all, this is Chitosev. Back from a long hiatus, I will be presenting to you not one, but two reviews, of the trial decks releasing this weekend, Love Live! and Vividred Operation. Read more after the jump!

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Love Live!

Firstly, we will start with the School Idol anime of rising popularity, Love Live! While the series is largely made based on the anime, the staff at Bushiroad has put in something extra for existing fans of the franchise, featuring their 5th Single, Wonderful Rush. This trial deck is also a first of its kind, having 12 trial deck specials.

LLW24-101TD LLW24-104TD LLW24-105TD

Various vanilla/ basic abilities, nothing really special.


LL/W24-102 TD “Wonderful Rush”園田 海未 / Sonoda Umi

【Auto】 Encore [Put a Character card from your Hand into your Waiting Room]

【Act】 [① Put 2 of your Character cards with the trait 《Music》 from 【Stand】 to 【Rest】] During this turn, this card gains Power +4500.

A rather good Level 1 character. It allows you to turn it into a 1-turn powerhouse that can beat most Level 1 attackers, with a light cost. On defense, it is small, but it has in-built Character Encore, allowing you to bring it back to smash yet another, should your resource allows it.


LL/W24-103 TD“Wonderful Rush”絢瀬 絵里 / Ayase Eri

【Auto】 When this card attacks, choose up to 2 of your Character cards with the trait 《Music》, during this turn, it gains Power +500.

Seems rather simple, but that 500 additional power do come into great use at times.


LL/W24-106 TD “Wonderful Rush”小泉 花陽 / Koizumi Hanayo

【Cont】 During your turn, your other Character card in the Middle Border of the Center Stage gains Power +500.

【Cont】 ASSIST: Character cards in front of this card gains Power +1000.

A fairly decent support, giving an additional 500 power to your middle attacker during your turn for no cost.


LL/W24-107 TD “Wonderful Rush”星空 凛 / Hoshizora Rin

【Act】[①] During this turn, this card gains Soul +1.

Yet another effect that looks rather simple, but there are times where you will actually need an additional soul or two.


LL/W24-108 TD “Wonderful Rush”南 ことり / Minami Kotori

【Cont】If this card is in the Middle Border of your Center Stage, this card gains Power +1000.

Well, she IS the Center position for this song… And a Level 2 9500 attacker is always welcomed. Paired with “Wonderful Rush” Koizumi Hanayo, this card is an easy 11000 power with no other cost paid.


LL/W24-109 TD “Wonderful Rush”高坂 穂乃果 / Kousaka Honoka

【Auto】 When you put this card from your Hand onto the Stage, search your Deck for up to 1 Character card with the trait 《Music》, show it to your opponent, and add it to your Hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.

【Auto】 When your other Character cards with the trait 《Music》attacks, during that turn, this card gains Power +1000.

A rather new ability for a Level 3’s Come-Into-Play ability slot. It allows you to fetch any Music character from your deck, regardless of Level. Even in a situation where you’re only left with this card in your hand, you can still manage to pull out a full field of attackers, should there be at least 1 more of this card in the deck.

The second ability is nothing new, but it allows this card to reach very decent power, allowing you to beat even Level 3s with the conventional X support.

LLW24-110TD LLW24-111TD

LL/W24-110 TD“Oh,Love&Peace!” μ’s / Myu’s

【Auto】[①] When this card attacks, and the Climax card 「Wonderful Rush」is in Play, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose 1 of your Character cards with the trait 《Music》, during this turn, it gains Power +5000.

This is rather amazing for a Level 0 climax synergy ability. A whooping 5000 power boost to anyone, even itself. The climax in question is that of a Soul +2, which will allow you to gain power Soul and Power with just this Climax combo. Literally, Wonderful Rush.

LLW24-112aTD LLW24-112bTD LLW24-112cTD

LL/W24-112abc TD 僕らは今のなかで / Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

【Auto】 When you put this card from your Hand into the Climax Area, draw 1 card, choose 1 of your Character cards, during that turn, it gains Power +2000, Soul +1.

Nothing special, except for the very thoughtful fact that they have made alternate arts for this card, featuring the girls in their school year combinations.

Other notable cards:

LL/W24-T02 和菓子屋の娘 穂乃果: A Come-Into-Play ability that allows you to retrieve any Music character card with a cost of 2.

LL/W24-T06 “ずるい”ことり: A decent Level 2 attacker that reaches 9000 power easily.

LL/W24-T07 みんなで木登り: A retrieval event that gives some power to 1 character also.

LL/W24-T08 はじまりの想い: Gate. Nuff’ Said.


Vividred Operation

Next up, little girls in colourful and fanciful costumes, fighting off monsters of unknown origin. The trial deck has been made to closely model after the show’s concept, re-creating even the famous Docking scene.


VR/W22-101 TDおやつの時間 あかね / Snacks Time Akane

【Auto】 This ability can be activated up to 2 times per turn. When you put another Character card with the trait 《Key》 from your Hand onto the Stage, during that turn, this card gains Power +1000.

A decent Level 1 character, gaining power simply from playing other Key trait characters, bring its power to a possible maximum of 7000.


VR/W22-102 TD 登校中のもも / Attending School Momo

【Cont】 If you have another Character card with 「Akane」in its name, this card gains Power +1500.

An easy Level 2 1 cost 9000, so long as you have an Akane on the stage.

VRW22-103TD VRW22-104TD VRW22-105TD

VR/W22-103 TD 初めてのドッキング あかね / First Docking Akane

【Act】[② Put a「Power for the Purpose of Protecting Aoi」and this card into your Memory] Choose 1「The Two who have become One Vividblue」 in your Waiting Room, and put it onto the Stage in this card’s previous Border.

VR/W22-104 TD 一つになった二人 ビビッドブルー / The Two who have become One Vividblue

【Cont】 Recollections: If you have 2 or more cards in your Memory, this card gains Power +1000.

【Auto】 When you put this card form your Hand onto the Stage, or when you put this card onto the Stage by the 【Act】ability of 「First Docking Akane」, look at up to X cards from the top of your Deck, choose up to 1 card, and put it into your hand. Put the remaining cards into your Waiting Room. X is equal to the number of your Character cards with the trait 《Key》.

VR/W22-105 TD守るための力 あおい / Power for the Purpose of Protecting Aoi

【Cont】All your other Character cards with the trait 《Key》gains Power +500.

The 3 cards for the Docking Operation. Docking is recreated using First Docking Akane’s ability, requiring a specific Aoi and this card to be on the stage. Being an Activate ability increases the ability’s cost, but the total cost for summoning the Level 3 Vividblue is only 3 Stock cost (including playing down Akane), and 2 cards on the field. It is not really that much of a difference in cost as compared to a climax phase Change ability, besides the part about the Aoi. Being an Activate ability also allows you to choose when you want to use it during the main phase, allowing you to actually Rest the 2 parts for the Docking first to activate various abilities present in the trial deck, before actually sending them away.

The Two who have become One Vividblue gains the additional 1000 power so long as you have ‘Docking’ at least once in the game. Seeing as there is no other memory mechanic, it is the only way to increase the power. Its 2nd ability is very flexible, allowing you to first choose up to a maximum of 5 cards from the top of your deck, meaning it can be any number from 1-4, so long as you have that number of Key trait characters. Next, it allows you to choose whether or not to add 1 card from the cards you see into your hand. Most of the time people would choose to add a card, but there are times where you don’t want to, and this card allows you to make a choice.

The Aoi needed for the Docking Operation is a global power support, something very rare, almost non-existent, in Trial decks. However, this is also the only support in the whole deck, and seeing that it would go into the memory for Docking, it is not wise to do it a lot of times.

Other Notable cards:

VR/W22-T01 しっかりもの もも: Solely for the purpose of achieving Docking. To take note that the cost must be a Key trait character card.

VR/W22-T02 偉大な科学者 健次郎: Allows you to take back any card for the cost of 2 stock and 2 Characters put to Rest. Use with Docking parts before Docking for maximum advantage.

VR/W22-T07 つながる心: Again, best to be used with Docking parts before Docking. Pity that it can only retrieve Key trait characters.

VR/W22-T09 真実の告白 あおい: A decent Level 0 character, with ability to increase its power on your own turn and Drop-Encore during your opponent’s turn, allowing you to still have a Level 0 attacker should Level 0 drag on for you.

VR/W22-T11おやつの時間 あおい: An easy Level 1 Cost 0 6000.


Overall Review:

Both trial decks are really good in various areas. Both have ways of search/ retrieval, decent power, and rather good trait synergy. The effects in both trial decks are also fairly simple, with a great deal of cards having very basic abilities / Vanillas, like many of the trial decks out there.

There is no way in saying if a trial deck is good or not without actually playing with it first. Many would have judged the decks by the various cards previewed on the website, but a deck’s worth is only shown after you have actually seen and play it all. Personally, I find that both decks have their own good, and are very playable on their own already, as compared to many other trial decks before them.

There is still quite some time before both series’ booster is released, so just enjoy what these trial decks have to offer for now. Until next time!